When there is nothing to write about…

June 24, 2011 at 2:16 pm (Writing)

post something you wrote a long time ago. This was written when I first moved to Columbia. I was living at a place that I greatly disliked. One day it snowed and it was so beautiful. This is what came out of that day. Of course, it is a fiction piece, but it evokes the emotions felt during that time.

I danced in the rain today. I threw out my arms and twirled around like I used to do when I was a little girl. I tilted my face towards the sky and closed my eyes, letting the icy rain tingle and run down. I knew that my mascara would run and that passerby’s would point and shake their heads at my wet clothes and stringy hair that quickly plastered itself to my face. I didn’t care. I was free. I was free from something that I didn’t want to be free from but nonetheless, I was free. And in this moment, it seemed as if God was crying. Cold, harsh and heavy tears; shed just for me and me alone as if to say that He knew my pain; that I was not alone. But I was.

Then the rain turned into snow and I stopped dancing. I looked in awe at the frozen rain that rarely falls in this humid state. I let it drop delicately in my hair and set on the edges of my eyelashes until it dissolved and was no more. Over and over tiny flakes set upon me and the ground; enveloping me in hope and white purity. I smiled and my heart was filled with warmth. I wanted to call out to everyone and tell them of the snow and the beauty that it was bringing. I called. But no one answered. I knocked on doors and screamed for them to come outside and see the wonder that God was pouring out on us. No one came. So I sat on the ground upon a pillow of snow and cried. Wishing my tears would freeze and fall slowly to the ground.


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