On being a princess…

November 19, 2010 at 2:04 pm (Wedding)

There is a beauty and a mystery about being a princess. Some girls get to be homecoming queen or sweetheart princess (like my sister-in-law) and some girls get to be a full fledged princess, but they are few and far between. What does it mean to be a princess? Everyone knows the regular definition of princess: heir to the thrown or wife of a crowned prince.

I am going to make a bold statement: I am a princess. (See proof below).

No, I don’t have a crown (though I do have a tiara that I wore to prom one year…and my bachelorette tiara…I guess that will work), I do not have a lavish ball gown (I have a wedding dress though…mmhmm) and I do not have a horse and carriage but rather a cat and a Suzuki Forenza.

But I do have a Dad that is THE King. The King of everything so that makes me a princess. While most Kings and Princes have a Kingdom that may span a continent, my King owns the world. How cool is that? He is a King of Kings (Daniel 2:47, 1 Timothy 6:13-15, Revelation 17:14, Revelation 19:16).

Now that we have established that I am a princess, I would like to talk about a soon-to-be princess: Kate Middleton.

I cannot even begin to tell you how I excited I am that there will be a royal wedding. 1) Because I love weddings. 2) Because I like to see what other princesses are doing. 3) I love weddings.

 The feeling is borderline giddiness, to the point where whenever I see anything about the royal wedding I tear up. I believe the feelings stem from the childhood dream of becoming a princess. I would dare to say that every girl dreams about it, plays dress up and pretends that she is a princess. Miss Kate Middleton gets to live out that dream.


I cannot imagine her excitement at the prospect of being a princess, wearing a crown and marrying a prince. Wearing the late Princess Diana’s sapphire bauble, she will attend teas and balls, charity events and travel the world. But most of all, she will be compared to the late Princess Diana.

How can she live up to the legacy of Princess Di? A commoner who became one of England’s greatest icons through serving and loving the people of England and the world. It seems like only yesterday that dear princess was taken so tragically from the world.

I find it quite romantic and touching that Princess Di’s ring is now gracing Kate’s finger. I have heard many exclaim that she should not wear the ring because of family history. I have to say that I disagree. William and Kate have the opportunity to set a different kind of marriage in motion. They are not their parents, just like you and I are not ours. We have the opportunity to break any family cycles that are negative and unhealthy. We have the opportunity to change habits and start new traditions. I think it is unfair to put a stigma on a ring.



For the next year, we wait with bated breath for the next Princess to grace England. Will she live up to Di’s legacy? Or will she make one of her own?

Either way, I cannot wait to see the dress, the flowers and the beautiful ceremony take place.

Ahh…..to be a princess.



  1. Beth said,

    You have always been my little princess too! I thought you knew that! Love you ~Mom

  2. Kim G. Alford said,

    Hey, I realize this is a little overdue.. I’m pretty behind in blogland, but I have to say that this post is 1. Precious! (love the princess-bc-my-Dad-is-King-[of-Kings]!) 2. sweet (that you love weddings and princesses so much to follow and cherish the Royal wedding that’s in the works!!) and 3. Just plain wonderful.. Love your spirit and hearing how you see things! ❤

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