Short and satin

May 31, 2010 at 5:39 pm (Wedding)

Going into the whole “I am the bride, I am going to design my wedding and it is going to be the best ever!” mode, I decided to not have a bridal party army.

You know what I am talking about, 3-10 girls dressed in the same color, same shoes, same hair style, same jewelry…okay you get the point.

For some brides, this is the dream they have been having since they were a little girl. Me? Not so much.

 When choosing bridesmaids dresses for my girls, I knew I had to pick a dress that would flatter an array of body types as not one of my girls is the same. There are tall girls, short girls, voluptuous girls, skinny girls, heavy chested girls and girls that might need a bit of padding (including myself).

I believe this dress would be called the miracle dress as it would fit everyone and make each girl look amazing. Alas, after searching high and low, internet and dress shop, I was unable to find this mythical dress.

That being said, I realized that each girl should be able to pick a dress that reflects her personality and style, that makes her feel good about herself (we all know that if you feel great in what you are wearing pictures turn out oh-so-nice), would fit into her budget and one that she will be able to wear again. We all have been stuck with bridesmaid’s dresses that will never again grace our body and shelling out big bucks for little wear time is never a nice pill to swallow.

After looking at several different options, David’s Bridal looked like the best option. Now, I know what you’re thinking: David’s Bridal…the big box bridal store. Before you go any further remember that there is a David’s Bridal in many large cities which is convenient for everyone.

I let the girls choose their own style of dress as long as it was apple red, satin and short. Here are their choices:

I know…it is a lot but it lends to variety and most of all style.

Did you let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses? Was it beautiful or bust?



  1. Kim said,

    I think this is a great idea!!! …I had three very differently shaped girls and somehow the style we went with looked great on everyone… (maybe because they were custom made;)

    I did have some ‘extra’ honorary bridesmaids though, that I asked to wear black -no other rules, just black… I thought it looked great and think they were pleased too to get to pick their own style/budget/etc..

  2. Liz Hamilton said,

    My sister did the same thing,she told all 6 of us to wear something long and black which worked really well for a December 30th wedding in snowy Massachusetts! It was also a wise decision since 2 of us were really pregnant, 2 had recently given birth and one was a little 90 lb stick of a girl. But she wanted us all to be comfortable and wear something flattering on our own bodies, not just something she liked. So Kudos to you for being a nice bride to your bridesmaids!

    I couldn’t make up my mind about what my bridesmaids would where, I was in love with navy blue and lavender. So my 2 bridesmaids wore navy blue and my maid of honor and matron of honor wore the same style but in lavender. It worked!

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