Hello Zales, goodbye heirloom

May 25, 2010 at 2:27 pm (Wedding)

There comes a time in every girls life where the man of her dreams asks her to marry him. For me that day was Christmas 2009. While I have written about the proposal on some level I feel as if I have not given that glorious day the attention it deserves.

So for your reading pleasure: The Day He Put A Ring On It (to the Tune of Single Ladies by Beyoncé)

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “He proposed on Christmas? Doesn’t that seem a little cliché?” Well…some would think so. But when you take into account that it was the perfect time (my family was in town, his family was in town, heck…I was in town).

My parents, sister and I traveled from Myrtle Beach, SC  to Columbia, SC early Christmas morning in pouring rain. We arrived at Joseph’s house to a house full of chatter and excitement. There was electricity in the air.

After navigating a river that was once Joseph’s front yard, I was whisked away into the dining room to open presents from his 10-member family (I know I am bad a math but yes there are 10 members – four sisters, three brothers and of course the parents.)

Joseph’s gift was last and was the most difficult to open. The box was heavy and I had no idea what was actually inside. The last thing I thought it would be is an engagement ring.

Side Note: I had figured out that he was going to propose on New Year’s. His friend, Speegs, accidentally let it slip one night. Joseph found out that I knew so he rearranged the plans…smart cookie.

So there is this huge, heavy box in front of me and it is taped to pieces. Little do I know that Joseph (at this point) has the ring box in his hand, behind his back. For the life of me I couldn’t open the box so he stuffs the ring box in his pocket and whips out his pocket knife (remember that this is the south and most boys carry pocket knives…regardless if they are from the country).  He cuts the box open and I find a stack of paper with a huge red bow wrapped around it.

I opened and read the letter. He then gets on one knee and I have no idea what he said and I don’t even think I said yes as I was so shocked that the ring in the box was NOT yellow gold and was in fact NOT my grandma’s ring but the ring of my dreams.

My mom got the figurine below to commemorate our engagement. I hung the ring on the guys hands, cute I know!


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