Music makes me sing

May 18, 2010 at 5:03 pm (Wedding)

I have been thinking a lot about music lately. And by “a lot” I mean I get music stuck in my head. Everything from “When the lights go down in the city…” sung by Journey to “This is the song that never ends…” by Lamb Chop…yes I said it. Lamb. Chop.


Oh a serious note. I have been listening non-stop to ceremony music. Reception music. Cake-cutting music. Hokey Pokey music. I love traditional love songs (i.e. Celine Dion, Kenny Chesney, etc…) However, since Joseph and I met he has opened my ears to music I never thought possible. The music is emotional, lyrically intricate and most of all wedding friendly.

So far I, or we have decided on Bright Eyes “First Day of My Life” for our first dance song and Band of Horses’ “Part I” to play during the cake-cutting.

I am a crier. Not a “one glistening tear” kind of crier but a “let’s open the flood gates” kind of crier. Joseph put both of these songs on a mixed CD for me whenever I had to move away for six months and the first song was the Bright Eyes tune and before I left the driveway I was in tears. It is sweet, it is sentimental and it still makes me cry.

A sure winner.

What songs move you? Have you decided what song or songs you cannot live without on your day of wedding bliss?



  1. Craig said,

    WOW! That wedding video was awesome. All of it. The setting…wardrobe…music…songs…feet washing…all of it

    • aleanan said,

      I know! I loved the music, with the drums and violin. Love, love, love.

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