The good, the bad and the short.

January 26, 2010 at 8:39 am (Wedding)

Like every bride who has ever ventured out into the world of white tulle and beaded bodices, I went dress shopping and found the dress that every girl dreams of.

Of course I tried on tons of dresses at four or five different bridal shops. There were some I liked, there were some I loved and then there was the one I drooled over. (No worries, I didn’t get any drool on the sample dress.) 

It has everything: strapless top, graceful low back, a few modern pick-ups, beautiful glass and pearl embroidery and a lavish chapel train.

Personal Photo

Again, like many brides before me, I looked at the price tag and saw $1,000 plus number hand written on the white tag. It mocked me like a kindergarten bully. “Na, na, nana, na. You can’t have me!” Hands on my hips, I made a note of the style number and designer, graciously thanked the bridal consultant who had helped me and went home to fire up the Vaio.

I search and searched and searched. Ebay,,, Ebay again! That is when I found her in all her glory. Casablanca 1904, Ivory and gold! I bit my lip….SIZE 10! Perfect. Everything was perfect especially the $600 price tag.

I contacted the seller and we chatted back and forth for a bit just to calm my nerves about buying a dress offline. Soon after I placed the order I received it in the mail (after working my horrendous 2 am-7am job and then interning at my 8 am-5pm internship). I was tired. The bags under my eyes had become my new accessory. I wanted my bed but I wanted that fabric on my body even more.

I opened the box carefully, slowly, just like Charlie Bucket when he opened his candy bar that held the golden ticket.

She was beautiful. Just as I had remembered. With some assistance from my mom I slid her on. She fit me perfectly. We were meant to be, the fireworks started.

Then I looked in the full length mirror and realized that the hem was 1 1/2 inches off the ground. I was in my bare feet, I had yet to put the crinoline on.

My heart sank, my fingers tingled, the tears came. My beloved dress was and is too short. There is no way I can wear heels without it looking like I was preparing for a downpour and flooding on our wedding day.

You can’t tell here…but it is too short. Trust me.

She had to go back on Ebay. On WeddingBee classifieds. The Knot’s Trash to Treasure.

She was going to leave me. She had to leave me.

Have you ever fell in love with something that you thought was perfect then realized it fell short? (No pun intended!) What did you do? How did you cope?


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