I became We

December 18, 2009 at 11:01 pm (Wedding)

Joseph and I met at Best Buy. I would like to compare our meeting to something that would happen in a movie. Boy sees girl, girl sees boy (while he is working and wearing a geek squad uniform…pocket protector not included.) They talk, flirt and smile a lot. Girl leaves only to return and run into him again. Boy makes a bold move and gives girl his name. Girl immediately goes home and contacts him. They get engaged and live happily ever after.

Okay so maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that but it is how I remember it in my head, so let’s run with it. 

During my last year of graduate school my beloved Sony Vaio (Hello, I’m a PC) decided to get sick and die during finals week. On a Tuesday, I stomped my way into the big box blue electronic store, mumbling something under my breath.

Day 1: After taking my computer to Best Buy and talking to Joseph (who then worked for the Geek Squad) about the screamo-death metal he was listening to (it reminded me of my high school days when I wore black from head to toe…even on my lips. Fortunately, this look will not be gracing our wedding day) I left my computer, hoping it would get fixed.


Day 2: Went to Best Buy, I noticed that Joseph was off that day, picked up my computer and drove home.

An hour later: I realized my computer was indeed not fixed so in a huff my mom and I went back to Best Buy to have them fix it…again.

Day 3: I received a voicemail from Joseph (though I didn’t know it was him until later) telling me that my computer was ready. I had the day off and went and picked up my computer. I waited in line, reading an interesting article in Sports Illustrated about a baseball pitcher that had public anxiety issues, and finally was called to the front but none other than my future husband.

As we discussed computers we slid in little comments about our personal likes. What kind of music do you listen to? I replied: Mostly Christian. The conversation went on. He finally wrote his name down and told me to look him up on facebook if I had any questions.

I got home and I had a question so I found him on facebook. Okay, so I didn’t have a question but I wanted to message him so I did. Can you blame a girl?

After talking online a few times we got together. We enjoyed each other’s company for about a month before we made it official and 8 months later….here we are.

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What is your story? Whether you met 10 weeks ago or 10 years ago tell me how you met your Mr.


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  1. The reason we met…happened again. « Ashes and Wine said,

    […] reason we met…happened again. In an earlier post, I enlightened all of you how we met. My Sony Vaio decided to take a sabbatical from its hard job. […]

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